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OC-ETP® - The Right Material for the Right Solution

Copper busbar in electrical applications requires several key electrical and mechanical properties which include high electrical conductivity, good strength, good formability and surface flatness. These key features rely greatly upon the quality of raw material and consistency of production process. Through a state-of-the-art production process specifically designed for copper busbar production, OC-ETP® is cast from the highest purity copper cathode available from mines and smelters (grade "A" LME registered brand). The purity of the raw material and the high quality production process make OC-ETP® an excellent choice for all technical and economical solutions relating to electrical applications requiring copper busbar and busduct. In addition, OC-ETP® also offers excellent thermal conductivity, perfect for heat exchange applications, and ideal where limited space is important for e.g. CPU-heatsinks.

OC-ETP? Chart
  • Right Property for Welding and Brazing
    • OC-ETP® can be jointed by soldering, brazing and gas shield arc welding without adverse effects.

  • Right Thermal Conductivity
    • Thermal conductivity is particularly important for electronic and IT applications. OC-ETP® is used in computer applications where thermal conductivity is paramount. OC-ETP® has a very high thermal conductivity due to the high purity of copper. Flatness control is also critical for the fine tolerances required. OC-ETP® has successfully supplied quality products to the major heat-sink producers for many years.

  • Right Production Process
    • OC-ETP® is produced by a state-of-the-art production process, specifically designed to produce copper busbar of the highest quality. Our processes result in copper material with the finest copper grain size, high conductivity, mechanically strong, good formability and with an exceptionally flat, shiny aesthetic finish. - Production of OC-ETP® is very flexible, switching production to a different cross-section takes just a few minutes enabling OC-ETP® to be produced in small quantities and of different sizes quickly. This makes OC-ETP® the perfect choice for short lead and production times making faster delivery for the benefit of our customers.

  • Right Quality
    • With a very high copper purity (99.99%) of our raw materials, computerised control systems and our special process to homogenize our billets' temperature, the microstructure of OC-ETP® material produces copper material of exceptional quality.

  • Right Flatness
    • The Flatness of a copper busbar is vital for jointing efficiency. The better the flatness, then no or less machining work is required during preparation of the jointing surfaces. OC-ETP® material has less than 50 μm flatness tolerances, which makes OC-ETP® busbar surfaces excellent for joining together effectively.

  • Right Formability
    • Formability is a term used to express how well a copper busbar can be bent without cracking. OC-ETP® material can be formed into superbly fabricated finished products, all bends are smooth with no surface cracking. This is because OC-ETP® has good formability. The formability of copper is directly related to the grain size structure of the copper material - the smaller the copper grains the better the formability, this is expressed as the minimum bend radius (R) divided by the thickness (t).- Hence, the smaller the R/t, the better the formability. OC-ETP® process produces a very fine copper grain size structure, offering superior formability.

      Minimum Percentage of Copper Content
  • Right Conductivity
    • Electrical conductivity of any electrical conductor is dependent upon the purity of conductor. OC-ETP® is cast from pure copper cathodes with a purity of 99.99 %. This high purity of raw material enables OC-ETP® to achieve an electrical conductivity 101% IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard).