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Environmental ConcernsAs a leading global Copper Material Manufacture, Oriental Copper has environmental impacts – our suppliers, our operational processes, right through to the final delivery of our products. Managing these impacts is a major challenge in the copper industry. The important steps we are taking help reduce costs, identify market opportunities, differentiate our business from competitors, and most importantly, we are contributing to improving our environment.

What we are doing…

We are taking systematic steps to reduce and control the direct environmental impacts of our operations, including:

  • reducing the resources we use
  • reducing emissions from our production
  • preventing waste water discharge, chemicals and hazardous waste
  • producing products that are 100% recyclable
  • reducing the impacts of our logistics

We are enforcing…

Our environmental policy, strategies, and management systems are fundamental - Oriental Copper is committed to improving environmental performance. We operate a rigorous environmental management system and have implemented and gained ISO14001 certification since 2001.

We are educating…

CFO Tackling energy use and climate change is priority for everyone. At Oriental Copper, we agree that every business is responsible for playing their part in making a cleaner and greener environment. Green Industrial Certificate is evidence of environmental management have assessed. We continue to promote ways in which we help the electrical energy industry increase energy efficiency, reduce waste and lower costs.

Green System For our children's sake, a safe clean environment is everyone's responsibility. A sustainable world demands the better and a more efficient use of the world's resources, reduction in CO² emissions, controls of pollutants and the more efficient use of energy.

Using OC-ETP® copper material for electrical energy and electrical applications with its superior electrical performance will move us all forward in conducting electrical energy more efficiently, saving energy resources, reducing life time costs, and lowering everyone's carbon footprint.

Oriental Copper can help you contribute to the creation of a 'greener world' – Let's work together to turn the vision of a better, cleaner, and greener world into reality.