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President Oriental CopperOriental Copper was founded in 1994, with the goal of being at the forefront of the copper busbar manufacturing industry in both Thailand and overseas. Since our foundation, the company has grown through continuous development of its production facilities and human resources. The company now supplies the world with finest quality copper busbar, noted not only for its electrical and mechanical performance but its reliability for end user applications.

As a company, Oriental Copper always strives to set its own agenda, rather than pursuing the business as a follower of existing market leader. Over the years, we have taken a great strides to achieve a dominant market position. We have done so by embracing state-of-the-art technology, processing the finest quality raw materials and applying the most advanced machinery and equipment. This has resulted in the ability to produce premium-quality, high conductivity copper busbars, while all the time exploring new roads that will bring greater benefits to our existing and potential customers.

As the president of Oriental Copper, my principal mission is to secure sustainable growth and competitive edge for the company through the concerted efforts of our people who have been inspired with passion and determination that drive the company's success. We will continue to actively pursue valuable business development opportunities to bring increased value to customers, shareholders, employees and society.

We will always endeavor to be a "more competitive and dynamic company" in order to respond appropriately to increasingly sophisticated and diverse customer requirements, and to provide superior value-added products through our innovation. We have proactively engaged in R&D activities to further improve of our product reliability and performance.

In addition, we strive as a committed responsible corporation by minimizing our environmental impact and to promote conservation of the natural resources we use. We practice sound management by complying with all relevant laws, regulations and ethical standards.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to everyone who has supported the outstanding growth of Oriental Copper since its foundation. I am also highly grateful for your continued support and future patronage of Oriental Copper.

Tuang-Hong Thiptarangoon
President Oriental Copper
Company Limited