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Copper AnodeOriental Copper's copper anodes are made from high purity copper cathode with a purity of ≥ 99.90%. Our advanced technological process enables us to produce the finest copper anode that has perfect properties for copper electroplating.

Oriental Copper's copper anodes are available in:

  • Phosphorous Copper Anodes (Cu-DHP)
  • Oxygen Free Copper Anodes (Cu-OF)
  • Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper Anodes (Cu-ETP)
  • Application
  • Use of Material
    • Phosphorous Copper (Cu-DHP) - mainly used for the plating of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)
      Oxygen free Copper (Cu-OF) - for surface treatment, Lead frames and Steel
      Electrolytic Tough Pitch (Cu-ETP) - for surface treatment, Lead frame and Steel
  • Packaging
    • Balls & Nuggets 20 kgs/cardboard box and 1 000 kgs/pallet
      Rectangular & Oval 1 MT/wooden box, or according to customer requirement
  • Dimensions
    • Oval 80mm x 30mm
      or customer requirement
      Flat Thickness >10mm
      Width 100-260mm
      or customer requirement
      Nuggets Ø 12mm x 12mm
      Ø 16mm x 16mm
      Ø 20mm x 25mm
      Ø 25mm x 25mm
      or customer requirement
      Sphere or Ball Ø 16mm, Ø 25mm, Ø 28mm, Ø 38mm, Ø 50mm and Ø 55mm
      or customer requirement
  • Standards
    • Standards JIS 3250 BS EN 1976 DIN 1787 ASTM B 187
      Alloy No.
      C 1020 Cu-OF OF-Cu C10200
      Alloy No.
      C 1100 Cu-ETP E-Cu57 C11000
      Alloy No.
      C 1220 Cu-DHP SF-Cu C12200