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  • 1. Company Culture

    • Focus on the quality of the Company Products
      Help to save costs
      To honour good people
      Co-ordinate with colleagues

  • 2. Code of Conduct

    • 2.1 Loyalty to the nation, religion and monarchy.

      2.2 Comply with rules according to laws and political right.

      2.2.1 Comply with the laws and government regulations

      2.2.2 The right to have political liberty, and avoid any actions which could cause offence to others within the company using political influence.

      2.3 Social responsibility in respect to

      2.3.1 Respect to basic human rights of employees. Promote equal opportunities for, and treatment of employees irrespective of, skin color, race, nationality, social background, disabilities, sex or age, political or religious conviction. Respect the personal dignity, privacy and rights of each individual. Refuse to employ or make anyone work against his or her will. Refuse or tolerate any unacceptable treatment of employees, such as mental cruelty, sexual harassment or discrimination. Provide fair remuneration and guarantee the applicable national minimum wage. To comply with the maximum number of working hours laid down in the applicable laws. Prohibit child labor. Children will not be employed whose age is lower than the age set by Thai Laws.

      2.4 Environmental responsibility

      2.4.1 Act in accordance with the applicable statutory and international standards regarding environmental protection.

      2.4.2 Minimize environmental pollution and make continuous improvements in environmental protection.

      2.4.3 Set up and use a reasonable environmental management system.

      2.5 Health and safety of employees.

      2.5.1 Take responsibility for the health and safety of its employees.

      2.5.2 Control hazards and take the best reasonable possible precautionary measures against accidents and occupational diseases.

      2.5.3 Provide training and ensure that employees are educated in health and safety issue.

      2.5.4 Set up and use a reasonable occupational health & safety management system

      2.6 Treatment of customers, suppliers and business partners.

      2.6.1 Provide fair treatment and equal opportunity.

      2.6.2 Comply with principles of non-discrimination.

  • 3. Employees Practice

    • To perform duties in respect to

      3.1 Achieve his/her departments and the company objectives.

      3.2 Perform his/her duty in a competent manner with integrity and to collaborate with colleagues.

      3.3 Protect the reputation, interests and assets of the company.

      3.4 Attend ongoing training for self-development.

      3.5 Prohibit corruption and bribery including operating a private sheltered Business within the company.

      3.6 No involvement with drugs

      3.7 Superior’s duty and responsibility

      3.7.1 Select employees based on their qualification and suitability.

      3.7.2 Duty to give clear instructions, guidance, and comply with the laws that provide supervision.

      3.7.3 Duty to monitor and ensure no violations of laws within their area of responsibility.

         3.8 Employees are not allowed to give, promise to give, solicit or accept bribes nor any form of improper advantage, whether directly or indirectly, to or from any individual or organisation with the intention to obtain or retain business in return.

  • 4. Business confidentiality

    • 4.1 Intellectual property protection

      4.1.1 Results or results of operations during the employment in cluding research, analysis, and consequences, such as awards, certificates, patents, software, etc. are the property of the Company.

      4.1.2 Employees are strictly prohibited to disclose information about the Company including, financial status manufacturing processes, formulation or manufacturing techniques, the type or nature of the product, or any matter or information includ ing personnel information to third parties, or to the public.

      4.2 Employees cannot be employed by partners or business competitors of another Company while employed by the Company and within 3 years after termination of employment.

      4.3 Employees must protect the confidentiality of the Companys customers including, business activities, suppliers and related businesses, and at all times maintain the trust of customers.

      If an employee fails to comply and cause damages to the Company in business opportunities, creditability, prestige and reputation, both directly and/or indirectly; an employee shall be sued by the Company with both civil and criminal litigation.

  • 5. Security awareness

    • 5.1 Workplace

      5.1.1 Employees must work in their designated area.

      5.1.2 Employees shall not permit any third party who does not have related work to enter into their responsible areas.

      5.1.3 Prior approval is required to pass through other areas of work, employees must also show the identification cards and declare the purpose in order to get approval.

      5.1.4 Responsible employees of each work area must close and lock all doors and windows before leaving their work area and may not leave other persons working in that area.

      5.1.5 All employees must allow security staff to make a physical search and a inspection of their vehicle before leaving the company’s premises.

      5.2 Information Systems

      5.2.1 Employees will use only their own usernames, and passwords assigned by the Company when working on the Company's Information Systems.

      5.2.2 Employees will not disclose their usernames and passwords to any one else and will not allow others to use their usernames and passwords to login to the Company’s Information System.

      5.2.3 If the employee's username and password has been disclosed for any reason, employees must notify their superior’s and the MIS department to cancel the existing usernames and passwords and request new usernames and passwords.

      5.2.4 Upon completion of work on the information system, employees must logout from the system.

      5.2.5 In the case of an employee defecting errors in the system, employees shall not attempt to modify the system by themselves. Employees must notify their superiors and request the concerned parties to resolve the issues.

      5.2.6 Employees will not attempt to access an un-related database to their duty.

      5.2.7 Employees will not disclose any information to colleagues and outsiderswho are not directly involved with the information unless consent is given by the immediate supervisor.